CMR Conflict Website presented at Australasian Mental Health and Higher Education Conference

On Friday 30th June CMR Lecturer Claire Holland presented at the Inaugural Australasian Mental Health and Higher Education Conference in Townsville. The conference theme was “Issues, challenges and Ways Forward: Building a more resilient culture within higher education and the local community”.

Claire presented on the CMR student conflict website The Student Conflict website is designed to enhance the JCU student experience by providing a self-help resource to assist students to manage their own conflicts. The website outlines typical conflicts that students may experience at university, such as conflict with a lecturer, classmate or during group work, and different approaches to dealing with conflict.

Claire’s presentation highlighted that support tools are necessary to provide a wellbeing safety net for students in need of specific assistance during their emotional life cycle at university. Research shows that students are less likely to access a face-to-face service, even if it’s free, compared to accessing assistance online. Developing reliable support tools and informing  students how to use these new and existing online support resources can form a much needed resource safety net for students. Increasing students’ positive perceptions of self and healthy coping skills can contribute to significant personal growth and overall resilience.

The Second Australasian Mental Health and Higher Education Conference dates are already set for 2018. It will run from the 6-7 July in Townsville, Queensland. The conference is open to researchers, mental health practitioners, educators, professionals, staff, students, carers and consumers working within higher education.