Call for papers: PNG IMPACT conference 2017



In July 2015 the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and James Cook University (JCU) commenced a three year twinning project, funded by the Australian Government. The Project is aimed at building teaching capacity and supporting collaborative research capability in Australia, Papua New Guinea and the broader Asia Pacific region.

From 12-13 December 2017 the twinning project will host the PNG IMPACT conference in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. The PNG IMPACT will:

  • Showcase a cross-selection of active research projects, across the sciences, social sciences and humanities, delivering societal benefit for PNG.
  • Promote dialogue over how research and research policy can best support aspirations for a safe, inclusive and sustainable society.
  • Provide a platform for network-building among researchers, research institutions and research stakeholders active in PNG.

PNG IMPACT convenors are now calling for papers to be presented at the conference. Proposals on all topics relevant to research in PNG are welcome however there is particular interest in receiving submissions related to the conference theme ‘Research and Innovation for societal impact in PNG’. Abstracts must include a title, author(s), and outline of the papers aim, content, significance and key conclusions and must be no more than 200 words. Please note a maximum of one presentation slot will be allocated to registrant with the first name author.

Submissions are due by 5 July 2017. Please click  here to submit your abstract.

For further information on the conference please click here and scroll down to the ‘PNG IMPACT Conference’ tab.