Inaugural Australasian Mental Health and Higher Education Conference at JCU Townsville Campus 30 June – 1 July

Issues, Challenges and Ways Forward

James Cook University – Douglas Campus, Townsville
30 June to 1 July 2017

‘Building a more resilient culture within higher education and the local community’

The Inaugural Australasian Mental Health and Higher Education conference is an international conference open to researchers, practitioners, educators and students working in the higher education mental health space. The intent is to promote discussion of the nature and future of mental health issues in higher education. The themes are: Community Links and Transitions; Well-being and Lived Experience; Mental Health Research; Policy and Institutional Response; Ways Forward.

CMR Lecturer Claire Holland will be presenting at the Conference on the topic of “Building hope and improving wellbeing: Support tools as a student safety net.” Claire will present with Dr Donnalee Taylor on two online support tools created with JCU SSAF grant funding:

  1. The Student Conflict website designed to enhance the JCU student experience by providing a self-help resource to assist students to manage their own conflicts. The website outlines typical conflicts that students may experience at university, such as conflict with a lecturer, classmate or during group work, and different approaches to dealing with conflict (; and
  2. The iAspire Student Support information strategy designed to provide JCU students with inspirational and reusable resources that are critical for students’ transitions to and through university ( ).

Click on the following links to access articles published about the conference “Safeguarding Mental Health” and “Mental Health in the Spotlight”.

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