New Peace-building App providing citizens the opportunity to tangibly improve the lives of Syrian refugees

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Micro-tasking is a concept that has risen in popularity thanks to apps like Task Rabbit. While most micro-tasking sites focus on small, menial chores, the American Relief Coalition for Syria (ARCS) has partnered with the web platform, Udara Online to produce an app with a similar model but applied to the realm of peacebuilding. The Udara app provides citizens with an opportunity to improve the lives of Syrian refugees.

Udara recommends tasks that provide tangible help to Syrians in their country, in refugee camps, or in the United States. Micro-tasks listed on Udara range from medical professionals advising hospitals in Syria via Skype, teaching refugees English, or helping map barrel bombs through satellite imagery. Through its interactive interface and a series of simple questions, Udara offers users a personalized approach whereby citizens can best match their skills and interests. As the participant completes a task, the system validates that it was done and then awards points. As a participant’s reputation for doing good work increases, more significant opportunities for action are unlocked.

The most active users gain the opportunity to create their own tasks so that they can mobilize the efforts of many more people to their preferred cause. Udara co-founder, Ben Rowswell, believes that the app can help turn “clicktivism” into tangible acts for relief.