Mediation role players required – Brisbane

Dispute Resolution Branch

The Dispute Resolution Branch, Department of Justice and Attorney-General require two role players for Tuesday 22nd November, 2016 from 9am to 12pm, at the Mackay Dispute Resolution Centre, Old Courthouse, 12 Brisbane Street.

As a role player you are volunteering your time and will not be paid.  You will need to bring your own food and drink as this is not supplied for role players.

You will be observing trainee mediators and this opportunity will give you the chance to experience first-hand the skills required as a mediator as well as listening to feedback provided to the trainees by very experienced mediators.

You will be provided with a script before the role play and will be given time to read through the script.  You may be role playing as a male or a female.

As a role player you need to let the mediators demonstrate their skills, therefore:

  • Do interrupt but don’t continually interrupt
  • Don’t talk too much to the other party early on
  • Don’t solve problems too early
  • Begin with a position but DON’T stay there all through exploration
  • Don’t over-act, and it is important to continually STAY in character.
  • If you need to make up information make sure that it is reasonable and in keeping with the problem

If you have any questions regarding the roleplay/script, please ask the trainers well before going into the role play.

If you are available and would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please either phone or email Marg Poulter, Training Support Officer on P: 07 323 96277   E: