Peace Retreat – Call for Applications

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Illoura and Space Bangkok Reflective Peace Retreat – Part of Humanity’s Thread group

In the world of peacebuilding, social change, and development there is generally a great emphasis on creating change but rarely much emphasis on the importance of taking care of the practitioners doing the day to day work of creating this change.  For many of us, our work takes its toll on our spirit and we become jaded, exhausted, and burnt out.  We believe that transformed people transform the world around them and therefore, we must invest in the wellbeing of practitioners, in the whole person: body, mind and spirit.  We believe in the power of creativity to see beyond and beneath what lies on the surface, to shift us out of familiar ways of seeing and reacting.  We believe in the transformative power of intentional spaces where we can encounter ourselves, our stories, our work, and those around us in new ways.

In 2014, future founding members of the Humanity’s Thread group began a conversation about the value and importance of holistic retreat spaces for people working on the front lines of cultivating peace and social change.  The first retreat brought together ten inspiring people, all of whom are both trying to make the world a more peaceful place and felt the deep need to step back from the pressures of their everyday work and reflect on where they’ve been, where they were, and where they wanted to go.

It was not a training workshop.  They were not invited to sharpen the skills they use on a day-to-day basis as practitioners.  They were not invited to sit and listen to the latest peace building theories.  The ‘classroom’ was the places where conversations unfolded.  It was the woods and mountains walked together or alone.  It was around the table as both food and experiences were shared.  It was the quiet spaces of reflection as they heard the journeys of others and perhaps listened to their own stories in ways they hadn’t anticipated.  It was in the wisdom of pressing pause on the constant chatter in their minds and observing what emerged from the silence.  It was through new ways of exploring the paths they’d been on and the paths that may lie ahead.  We kept things simple, and they left the mountains feeling renewed and inspired.

You are invited to participate in the next Humanity’s Thread creative reflective retreat in November 2016 in Australia, hosted by Humanity’s Thread members Illoura Peace Retreats and Space Bangkok.  Through connecting with like-minded people, music, poetry, storytelling, good food, mindful communication, and more all set against the backdrop of a beautiful natural landscape, we will create a space to renew, recharge, and reflect.

Our retreat will be held from 3-7 November 2016 at the The Eyrie with accommodation at Beacon Point Ocean View Villas, both at Skenes Creek in the beautiful Otway Ranges, Victoria, Australia.  You can apply through the Illoura Peace Retreats or Space Bangkok websites.  Please contact us with any questions or for more information at or  We hope to see you there.