Hands-on training opportunities for JCU Conflict Management and Resolution students

CMR Banner 2016

The Conflict Management and Resolution program is working with Queensland’s Department of Justice and Attorney-General to increase training, work experience and research opportunities in mediation.

The new partnership provides an exciting opportunity for Conflict Management and Resolution students to gain hands-on experience through a work placements with one of the Queensland Dispute Resolution Branch offices. Selected Masters students can also complete substantive research projects in collaboration with the Dispute Resolution Branch, enabling contemporary and practice oriented research topics.

Thanks to the partnership, Conflict Management and Resolution students have great flexibility in completing mediation training, since both JCU and the Dispute Resolution Branch offer mediation courses in a wide range of locations including Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville and Cairns.

The partnership allows for credit towards a JCU Conflict Management and Resolution course for those who complete the Dispute Resolution Branch’s Introduction to Mediation Skills and pass the National Mediation Accreditation Assessment. The Dispute Resolution Branch timetable 2016 can be downloaded here and the Conflict Management and Resolution timetable can be found on our website. 

For more information please contact Judith Herrmann on judith.herrmann1@jcu.edu.au or 07 4232 1446