CMR Program Update: Research in Rwanda

Judith Herrmann, the Director of the JCU Conflict Management and Resolution program, spent December and January in Rwanda for research with survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994. Judith conducted individual interviews with over 20 women who experienced sexual violence during the genocide and who raised their case in one of Rwanda’s local community courts, called Gacaca, established by the Rwandan government to deal with genocide related crimes. Judith’s interviews centered around uncovering the women’s motivations to participate in gacaca and their experiences with the justice process. During her interviews, Judith was supported by her Rwandan interpreter Anathalie who translated between Judith and her interviewees who only spoke Rwanda’s traditional language Kinyarwanda.



DSC03591 (3)
Judith preparing for an interview
Judith and her interpreter Anathalie
Judith and her interpreter Anathalie