Seminar: Managing Student Behaviour due to Trauma and Disorganised Attachment

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Managing Student Behaviour due to Trauma and Disorganised Attachment
with Dr Judith Howard

When: Wednesday 10th August

Where: Holiday Inn, CAIRNS

Time: 9.00am – 3.00pm 

CPD: 4.5hrs

We’ve all experienced the annoyance of having to deal with poor behaviour in our schools and classrooms.  Does your school have students that…

  • Can be verbally and physically aggressive for little reason.
  • May fly into behavioural outbursts with little warning and as a result of no clear triggers.
  • You may suspect or know they have or had a problematic home environment.
  • You just can’t seem to get through to them – or when you do – they tend to sabotage the relationship.
  • Your “tried and true” behaviour support techniques just don’t seem to work and they can end up being withdrawn from class activities, removed from class, suspended or even excluded.
  • Your “gut instinct” seems to tell you that there is something that is just not quite right with these kids!

This is a “must do training” for all school personnel who work with students with extreme and challenging behaviour, who have suffered trauma and maltreatment. Professionals who receive referrals from schools to assist with difficult students, will also find this training valuable in understanding the challenges teachers/schools face and the effective strategies that can be used to co-manage behaviour and support out of school therapeutic interventions.

For more information visit the Compass Australia website or view the program flyer: HowardCAIRNS2016