Training: Family Dispute Resolution From a Trauma-Informed Lens

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Attached find a flyer and registration form for an upcoming workshop “Family Dispute Resolution from a trauma-informed lens” with Jon Graham and Libby Watson.

This is a valuable training course that runs for 2 days – 27th & 28th October 2015 to be held at James Cook University City Campus.

TFDR 2015 flyer rego form

Further details provided by the trainers are as follows:


Without wanting to repeat the information in the flyer (attached) here is some more information:

  • The course is designed to be an add on from any of the DV training programs such as AVERT (it is not essential that the participants have done a DV training program, but it will certainly help).
  • The course will focus on the non-court based processes, particularly how to work best in pre-FDR and FDR to assist clients to remain cognitively available for the negotiation processes.  The course is however sufficiently broad to assist lawyers to work with clients who are easily triggered.
  • We will introduce the language of trauma to the group and outline the neurophysiology of becoming triggered.  We will explore what happens when a person is triggered and becomes hyper and hypo aroused.
  • The main skills development focus of the course will be on how the family law sector can work together to maintain these hard cases, through adjustments to the various services and processes to ensure that clients have the best opportunity to remain within the “optimal zone of arousal”.
  • We will also look at the processes around reaching agreements that are in a sense informed by the traumatic past.
  • Finally we shall look at trauma informed practice in care of self, peers and organisational feedback.


The training program is capped at 20 participants so hurry and secure a place.