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Applications are now open for the position of Development Advisor. For further information visit http://www.newyork.usa.embassy.gov.au/nycg/PosVacDevAdv.html



The Permanent Mission of Australia to the United Nations – New York invites applications for the position of Development Advisor for a start date in late July 2015.

The terms of employment will be in accordance with the New York-Based Staff Employee Handbook. Employment will be offered on a contract basis, for an initial period of two years, with an annual salary of US$103,030. Continued employment is subject to successful completion of a 3 month probation period.

The Permanent Mission of Australia to the United Nations – New York offers a package that includes recreation and personal days, medical and dental benefits, employee assistance program and a pension plan.

The Permanent Mission of Australia to the United Nations – New York will not be responsible for any costs incurred when applying for a US visa, relocation costs, nor the return of the officer and family to their country of origin at the end of the contract.
Job Description
The Development Advisor in New York advances Australia’s interests by influencing global international development policy in various forums including the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, UN Executive Boards and bilaterally with various member states of the UN.

The Advisor manages Australia’s interests at the United Nations in New York, with respect to the effectiveness, performance and operations of the UN development system, Australia’s funding and partnerships with UN agencies, and a range of development and peacebuilding policy issues including norm setting and advancing the global development agenda

Tasks and Functions
• Provide technical analysis and advice on the UN development system and intergovernmental processes to UNNY Post and Canberra, including through cables
• Provide technical advice through intergovernmental negotiations related to governance, contract and legal issues, transparency and accountability, results based management, funding and budgeting, risk management and institutional reform initiatives.
• Manage Australia’s partnerships and dialogue with UN development and peacebuilding agencies in New York
• Represent Australian in multilateral negotiations on select development policy issues including Financing for Development, peace/security and development, governance, poverty eradication, and private sector development.
• Provide statements, briefs, cables and reports for HOM and senior management on UN operational, development policy and partnership-related issues
• Organise events and programs for high-level visits, including UNGA Leaders Week.
• Represent Australia at official meetings, events and receptions related to development and peacebuilding issues, to build constructive working relationships with representatives of other member states in order to advance Australia’s interests

Selection Criteria

• Demonstrated knowledge of the structures and functioning of the UN development system and its composite agencies, including governance and institutional arrangements, policies, strategies and plans, budgets, funding arrangements, and programmatic challenges and limitations.
• Demonstrated knowledge of the Australian aid program and national priorities, interests and positions, and ability to apply these in the context of technical and political processes.
• Sound understanding of Australian policies regarding due diligence in contracts and partnerships, and ability to link these with processes and debates on risk, accountability and governance.
• Understanding of political positions, interests and agendas of other member states, in order to predict and interpret the way these manifest in negotiations and debates, and identify and mitigate financial, programmatic and reputational risk to Australia
• Technical knowledge of development, humanitarian and peacebuilding policy issues and practice
• Demonstrated skills in representations negotiation, written and verbal communication, analysis, cross-cultural communication, organisational and logistics issues, and working as part of a team.
• Ability to demonstrate grace under pressure, to manage competing priorities and to facilitate burden sharing and efficiencies with partners.
• Completed undergraduate or graduate degree in a relevant field (such as international relations, international development, law, economics or public administration).
• At least four years work experience in an associated field.

Security designated position
Owing to Australian national security regulations:
• Applicants must be Australian Citizens to satisfy security requirements.
• Applicants can be dual citizens with the following countries only: New Zealand, Britain and Canada.

Applicants must be willing to undergo security checks necessary to obtain an Australian National Security clearance