MSB: Draft revised National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS)


Feedback requested by midday, Monday 1 September 2014 >>

The Mediator Standards Board (MSB) has released a comprehensive redraft of the mediator Approval and Practice Standards, incorporated into a wider document covering other aspects of the NMAS, inviting feedback from practitioners prior to the MSB AGM in early September.

Download the draft NMAS here>>

LEADR encourages our members to read the revised document and provide your comments for collation by LEADR by midday Monday 1 September via our survey >>

By way of guidance:

Part I of the document outlines the purpose of the NMAS, its application, the role of mediators and the NMAS structure.

Part II, the Approval Standards have been revised and amended. In response to feedback:

  • alternative pathways for gaining accreditation have been introduced;
  • minimum accreditation and experience requirements for trainers, coaches and assessors have been added;
  • the CPD requirements for each two-year cycle have been modified, with activities that can contribute to CPD being broadened;
  • provision has been made for mediators to apply for leave of absence, and to apply for reinstatement following leave of absence, or lapsed or suspended accreditation.

The minimum hours required for training courses leading to accreditation remain the same. However the Board noted feedback that training duration should be increased, with additional requirements such as a period of supervised practice. Suggestions for the development of accreditation standards for trainers, coaches and assessors were also noted and it was considered that such standards would require further consultation within the industry.

Part III, the Practice Standards have been revised and amended to specify clearly the minimum practice and competency requirements for mediators and to inform participants about what they can expect of the mediation process and of mediators.

Part IV lists the qualifications, functions and responsibilities of RMABs.

Part V describes the Register of Nationally Accredited Mediators.

Part VI outlines the membership and responsibilities of the Mediator Standards Board.

If you would prefer to respond directly to the MSB, please provide your feedback in a separate document making reference to the relevant clause number in the Draft Revised NMAS, with any general or overall comments provided at the end. Email this by close of business Tuesday 2 September 2014 to

To provide feedback on the draft revised National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) via LEADR do so by midday Monday 1 September via our survey >>