New issue available: International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution


Int Journal CER

A new issue of International Journal of Conflict Engagement and Resolution has just been published.

In this issue:

  • Deepening the Definitions of Success and Failure by Michal Alberstein & Jay Rothman


  • Lessons from the Frontiers of Failure – Second-Order Social Learning and Conflict Resolution by Oliver Ramsbotham
  • Transformative Mediation – A Self-Assessment by Joseph Folger & Robert A. Baruch Bush
  • The Success-Failure Anxiety in Conflict Resolution – Between Law, Narrative and Field Building by Michal Alberstein
  • Reflexivity and the State of Success and Failure in Our Field by Jay Rothman
  • No Career Ladder for Mediators – A Failure of the Field by David Matz
  • Success in Conflict Intervention Is What We Make of It but Significance Is the Goal by Brian Polkinghorn & Abraham (Avi) Mozes-Carmel
  • Success and Failure in ADR – A Dialogue between Partners by Lela P. Love & Joseph B. Stulberg

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