Masterclass: The Truth about Children and Divorce




The Truth about Children and Divorce.

Dr Robert Emery in Brisbane, July 2014


Relationships Australia Queensland is presenting two full days with Robert Emery, Ph.D. in July 2014.

Dr. Emery’s research focuses on family relationships and children’s mental health, including parental conflict, divorce, child custody, family violence, and genetically informed studies of all these issues, as well as associated legal and policy issues. In addition to his world-leading research in these areas, Dr Emery has been an active clinical psychologist, mediator, and parenting coordinator for 35 years, and presents his research in a way that is relevant to your clinical practice. Read more about Dr Emery below.

Not afraid of controversy, Dr Emery will invite you to discuss his research on topics including infant overnights, randomised trials of mediated and litigated child custody disputes, and coparenting conflict and attachment.

Dr Emery’s explanation of high emotion, especially anger, has helped many family mediators deal with emotion in the room and also to understand how the length of separation affects and predicts behavior. The connection between how adults handle their emotions at separations and the effects on their children is the key Dr Emery can use to unlock many puzzles for mediators, family lawyers and other workers in the separation field.



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