“Caught in the Middle,” Dinner and Panel

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“Caught in the Middle: Children Exposed to and Affected by Family Violence”

Date: 13 May 2014
Time: 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Venue: Jupiters Townsville Hotel & Casino
Cost: $50.00 (dinner and drinks)
RSVP: 06 May 2014


This is an interactive professional development event for family law and community sector practitioners. Over dinner, a panel including Jon Graham, Registrar Laurie Boyd and Dr. Beth Tinning will discuss the experience of children ‘caught in the middle’ – a life intersected by involvement of family law, statutory interventions and parental conflict.
Presentations will focus on this theme and explore the role of services and professionals in supporting the best interests of children as parents navigate the many processes involved when conflict and separation affect their lives. How can we work more effectively and collaboratively to uphold the wellbeing of all involved, especially children?

For further information please contact: NQ FLPN Project Officer – Miriam Owato
Telephone: 07 4779 4211 or email: flpn@centacarenq.org.au