Workshop “High conflict parents: Dealing with difficult clients in Family Law”


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Vincent Papaleo is a clinical psychologist and one of Australia’s leading authorities in
the management of child and family problems within the Family Court. He has
extensive experience in all aspects of child assessment, diagnosis and treatment, has
consulted extensively to community agencies and regularly contributes to training of
fellow professionals, including regular presentations at Family Law Conferences.
Within the Family Law context, Vincent’s main interest is helping people find
alternative paths to conflict resolution, which focus predominantly upon children, and
child based intervention. As a staunch advocate for children and children’s rights, the
focus of his work is the establishment of age, stage and developmentally appropriate
contact in residence plans, with particular focus on helping parents in conflict to cooperate
& craft contact arrangements maximizing children’s welfare.
Session 1: “Developmentally appropriate parenting plans and orders for
separated parents.”
Session 2: “Parents in high conflict.” What you can actually do to manage these
people from beginning to end and how to protect yourself, colleagues
and front-end staff.
Date: 21st February 2014
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm
Venue: JCU Halls of Residence – James Cook University
Cost: $100.00 (member); $110.00 (non-member); $ 90.00 (student)
RSVP: 14th February 2014
The workshop costs have been heavily subsidized by NQ Family Law Pathways Network.

For further information please contact: NQ FLPN Project Officer – Miriam Owato
Telephone: 07 4779 4211 or email: