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Preparing for Mediation
Developing an effective intake process

Canberra, Friday 7 February 2014

Facilitated by LEADR trainer, Franca Petrone

How do you:

  • assess whether a dispute is suitable for mediation?
  • use the opportunity of the pre-mediation session to make sure that participants are ready to engage fully in the process?
  • educate participants about their role and address any concerns that they may have?
  • assist participants to identify and share information that will help progress their discussions during the mediation?
  • settle any procedural issues and clarify the terms of the agreement to mediate?
  • use what you have learnt to design/fine tune a process that will meet the needs of the participants?

This workshop provides an opportunity to expand your skills for recognising disputes that are suitable for mediation and those that may require a different intervention.  By uncovering issues of power imbalance, safety, control or intimidation, you will be able to work out ways of dealing with these effectively in the mediation process or feel confident to make a referral to a different

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