Unity in Diversity: International Conference, Townsville

Unity in Diversity

Diversity Tns

You will be glad to know that Townsville Intercultural Centre is organising a conference on “Australian Multiculturalism:  The Shape of Freedom” on August 16 and 17, 2013 at the Cultural Fest site at the Strand, Townsville.  This conference is especially designed for managers, directors, professionals, business leaders and multicultural stakeholders.  There are also special sessions meant for academics, people in government and corporate sectors, teachers and educationists, community, cultural and religious organisations, community and residential aged care services, people serving in mental health institutions and migrant settlement professionals.

An important feature of this conference is the launch of the “Project Gratitude,” when a select number of dedicated individuals are honoured for their contributions to making every day multiculturalism work as a way of life in Australia – a way of life that respects differences, cherishes individuality and facilitates co-operation.

Senator the Hon Kate Lundy, minister for multicultural affairs, minister for sport and minister assisting for industry innovation is one of the key speakers in the conference.  Dr. Sue Bandaranaike of James Cook University, Professor Fethi Mansouri, Professor Andrew Jakubowicz and Ms Gail Ker OAM are amongst the speakers and presenters in this conference.

Please note that the Townsville Cultural Festival will be from August 14 to 18, 2013 in Townsville.  This is the biggest cultural event in Australia with about 80,000 participants.  If you wish to attend this festival too, while you are in Townsville for the conference, please make sure that you are in Townsville on August 13.

For more information go to http://www.unityindiversityconference.com/