Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum – Summit 9-11 December, Manila, Philippines


Mediation in a Globalizing World: Challenges to Multi-Culturalism, Peace-Building, and Religious Tolerance

The APMF Summit goal is to facilitate the exchange and development of knowledge, values and skills of mediation in any form including inter-cultural, interpersonal, inter-institutional and international, within and between the diverse countries and cultures in the Asia Pacific region through bi-annual conferences, which are held in the Asia-Pacific region with a different country taking responsibility for hosting each conference.

JCU is proud that three of its staff members will be presenting at this year’s conference.

Samantha Hardy will be presenting on the topic: The Melodrama of Conflict:  Conflict narratives and genre as a tool for constructive engagement. This paper will discuss nature of conflict narratives and how they tend to work against constructive engagement with conflict.

Sam, Judith Herrmann, Claire Holland and Romy Lawson will present a paper titled: Postgraduate peacebuilding: Conflict as a tool for learning, focusing on embedding conflict resolution processes into the structure of universities and how adapting new cultural norms, tools and a supportive environment can be developed to create change in approaching and addressing student/supervisor conflict.

The APMF Summit aims to bring together and engage experienced conflict resolution and mediation practitioners, researchers, educators, trainers, civil society workers/practioners, human rights activists, jurists, businessmen, and policy makers from different cultural, organizational and professional backgrounds who are culturally fluent, creative and innovative, want to contribute and build on their knowledge and expertise, and are prepared to play a leadership role in transforming the way that conflicts are handled in the Asia-Pacific region. The program of the 2013 APMF Summit includes three days of optional pre-Summit activities, and three days of combined paper presentations, round table discussions and mediation workshops at basic and intermediate levels.

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